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SUMMER 2023!




Join The Royal Party- Princess Camp! 

(Ages 3-6 years)

A fun week of dancing like a Disney Princess! A new princess dance will be learned each day. Campers will also explore basic tumbling, crafts, games and of course…. making new friends! Princess campers will have a performance at the end of each day with a princess party & crowning ceremony at the end of the week! “Princess dress” is encouraged!  


Unicorn 3-day Camp!

(Ages 3-6 years)
Get your rainbow sparkles ready for three days of magical unicorn fun! Dancers will explore ballet and creative movement through unicorn stories and crafts. Dances will be performed for Unicorn parents each day. Perfect for a first time camper!

Mermaid 3-day Camp!

(Ages 4-8 years)
Get ready to go under the sea for some mermaid fun! Dancers will explore ballet and creative movement through mermaid stories and crafts. Three days of magical sparkly mermaid dancing ending each day with a parent performance! 

Barbie Camp! 

(Ages 3-6 years)

A different barbie theme EVERY camp day! Dance, sparkle play and shine with 5 days of Barbie. Ballet and Jazz styles with crafts, dress up and a daily parent performance!  

Circus Camp!

(Ages 3-6)

Let's put on a circus show at this magical 3 day camp.  We will dance like animals, watch the tightrope and even swing on a trapeze. Dance styles include ballet and jazz techniques.  A parent performance at the end of each camp day!

Encanto Camp!

(Ages 4-8 years)
Come and discover the world of the family Madrigal! Dancers will explore the music, dance, and characters of Encanto in this three-day camp.  This camp will have Lyrical, Jazz, and Creative Movement with Bruno, Isabella, Luisa, and Mirabel.  Dancers will also get a chance to explore and learn a little about traditional Colombian dance! Each day will include a craft and a performance at the end of the day for the parents!


Try Everything- music and dance camp! 

(Ages 5-9 years)

An exciting week learning ALL the dance styles. Dancers will try ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop and  lyrical techniques- a NEW dance style EVERY day! Camper will also learn singing and rhythm techniques that compliment their dancing from Ms. Trish! A special performance of their new found dance steps & singing skills will be presented at the end of the week! 

Acro Camp

(Ages 3-5 years) (Ages 5-9 years)

Learn to tumble with Ms. Melissa in this fun-filled week! Each day with a new craft and exploration of acro skills. Campers will end the week showing off their new skills in a parent performance!


Storybook Ballet Camp!

(Ages 5-9 years)
Discover the magic of classical ballet with our Storybook Camp!  Dance through magical kingdoms while learning about the world of Ballet!  Students will learn the story of the Firebird, Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake and also create fun crafts.  Each day dancers will learn choreography from a scene of a classical ballet and end the day with a small parent performance. 

Harry Potter Camp! 

(Ages 6-11 years)

Join us for this three-day camp, as dance meets the magical world of Harry Potter! Dancers will be sorted into Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Gryffindor and learn a dances for each house.  Styles will include Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, and Lyrical.  Each day will also include a fun themed craft.  This camp will conclude with a day to dress up in character and come to a feast (of pizza)!

Descendants Camp! 

(Ages 6-11 years)

Join Mal, Evie, Jay, Ben and more in our awesome week of Disney Descendants dancing! Dancers will learn a new Descendants dance each day and make a craft to go with it. Jazz, Lyrical and Hip Hop dance styles will be explored during this camp. Dancers will finish the week with a pizza party!


(Ages 8-13 years)

Visions teams up with The Music Studio of Patricia Keith again this year. Join us as we sing and dance to your favorite Broadway songs! No prior singing or dance experience needed. Students will learn Broadway jazz dance while learning vocal techniques including breath support, projection, diction, tone quality, expression and acting. The week ends with a Broadway Showcase Performance!


Wings of Hope Performance Intensive 

 (By Invitation Only) 

Challenge yourself by learning a new piece (vocals and choreography) that will be performed in the next Wings of Hope Benefit Concert! The week will end with an informal performance to premier the new number! A portion of each tuition goes to charity, Wings of Hope Events, Inc & helping families facing cancer.


Junior Company Camp- 3 days 

(for incoming and returning Junior Company members)

Ballet, Jazz and Lyrical technique camp to learn a new piece for the fall dance season.


Intermediate/Junior Company Camp

(for incoming and returning Intermediate/Junior Company members)

Ballet, Jazz and Lyrical technique camp to learn a new piece for the fall dance season.


Senior Company Camp

(for incoming and returning Senior Company members)

Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop technique camp to learn a new piece for the fall dance season

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