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It is the responsibility of our parents and students to read and follow all policies stated therein, as well as any and all information posted on the Visions Dance Company website, social media, and emails, as well as all rules and policies which, through necessity, may be instituted throughout the year. 

Tuition & Fees: Tuition may be paid monthly or annually. Monthly tuition is due by the first class of each month. A late fee of $5.00 will be charged if payment is not received by the 15th of the month. Students will not be eligible to participate in class if payment isn’t received by the last day of the month. Visions Dance Company accepts payments via check, cash, and credit cards. Parents can set up automatic online payments through

Tuition is calculated as a yearly fee and broken up into 9 monthly payments for your convenience.  Tuition is not calculated by how many classes are in a month, it is calculated by the total classes in the dance year (September-June) 




Each class has one snow day allotted in their class structure. If a class misses more than one snow day per dance year, make-up classes will be applied. 




Minis, Petites, Primaries:

Leotard & Tights (of any color), skirt (optional), Hair secured off the face.

Juniors, Select, Teen, Intermediate & Advanced:

Any color leotard and tights must be worn for all ballet, jazz, contemporary, modern, lyrical and combo classes.  Hip Hop, Acro, and Tap dancers may wear leggings, shorts, tees or tank tops. Hair should be secured off the face. Hair must be worn in a bun for Junior-Advanced Ballet levels.


T-shirts and active wear shorts or pants.  No jeans are permitted in class. Boys are required to have the same shoes as girls in black. 



  • Mini - girls pink ballet slippers, boys white or black ballet slippers, AND tan tap shoes

  • Mini Ballet- pink ballet shoes

  • Petite/Primary Jazz- tan jazz shoes

  • Petite Tap/Primary- tan tap shoes

  • Petite/Primary Lyrical- pink ballet shoes

  • Petite/Primary Hip Hop- black dance sneakers.

  • ​Junior Hip Hop- black dance sneakers.

  • Juniors Ballet- pink ballet slippers. 

  • Juniors Dance Combo (in conjunction with music class)- black jazz

  • Juniors Combo (tap/jazz)-tan Oxford style tap shoes and tan slip-on jazz shoes. 

  • Juniors Combo (ballet, lyrical)- pink ballet slippers and nude foot undeez.  

  • Select/Teen/Int/Adv Ballet- pink canvas or leather ballet slippers.

  • Teen/Int/Adv Jazz- Tan Oxford Jazz shoes (slip-on style preferred).

  • Teen/Int/Adv Tap- Black Oxford Style Tap shoes.

  • Teen/Int/Adv Hip Hop- Black split-sole Hip Hop sneaker.

  • Teen/Int/Adv Modern/ Contemporary- Barefoot preferred, foot undies permitted.

  • Acro- Barefoot

*Visions does not permit long pants or jeans of any kind. Students with long hair must secure hair out of face in a ponytail, bun, or braid. No Jewelry of any kind.* 

Cancellations & Make-ups: 

Visions Dance Company reserves the right to cancel any class based on low enrollment. Students will be notified of schedule changes within 48 hours. Alternative class options will be provided in the event of a class cancellation. 

In the event of a weather-related closing, Visions Dance Company will alert parents by posting on the website, through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Visions Dance Company does not base their closing after school cancellations, so be sure to check if we are open on social media. Classes will hold make-ups after two weather- related cancellations. 


Classes cancelled by a teacher for any reason (other than weather) will be made up within the course of the season. Parents will be notified of make-up schedule by class handout or email no later than 1 week before the scheduled make-up date. 

Child Pick-up & Drop-off: 

Students must be on time for class. Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your scheduled class and pick up no later than 5 minutes after. The lobby is closed temporarily with the exception of one parent/guardian for any dancer 8 & under.

While parents are not allowed to sit inside our classrooms, we have either live video feeds or observation windows. Parents are welcome to watch the class from the comfort of the lobby.  Teachers will at times invite parents into the room for special occasions throughout the year (sharing their recital dance).


Visions dancers are expected to attend all classes. Planned absences should be disclosed to the student's teacher ASAP. We ask that students with a fever refrain from coming to the studio while sick. (please view our health and safety procedures). Injured dancers are welcome to observe class. Serious injuries such as breaks, sprains, and concussions will require a Doctor’s note to return to dancing. 

Dancers should be in proper attire and ready to dance at the time that class begins. The first 10-15 minutes of class consists of warm-up, stretch, and conditioning exercises, which are necessary for student progression and safety. Dancers who arrive late may be asked to warm-up and stretch on their own before joining class activities. 

Code of conduct: 

• Dancers are expected to abide by Visions dress code standards listed above. Any questions or concerns can be addressed privately with the student's instructor. 

• Visions Dance Company has a zero tolerance policy on bullying. Dancers and families are expected to demonstrate respect for one another and all staff of Visions Dance Company. Any instances of these types of behavior can result in immediate dismissal from the studio. 

• Dancers must treat the studio premises with respect, care, and consideration. Food and drink (except water) is prohibited from the dancing space and must be limited to the designated waiting areas. Dancers are expected to clean up after themselves. Theft or purposeful destruction of property will not be tolerated and can result in immediate dismissal. 

• Students may arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before their scheduled class. Students must be picked up no later than 5 minutes after their scheduled class

• It is the responsibility of the parents and/or older students to be aware of Visions Dance Company’s activities, such as dates we are open and closed. We will post notices on our website, social media, studio whiteboards, and through our e- mail. If students wish to participate in the Recital, it is the parents and/or student’s responsibility to be aware of all applicable dates and deadlines of all fees related to these events. 

• We ask that you please inform Visions Dance Company of any address, telephone and/or email changes throughout the year. 



Phone: (484) 896-9770

116 Pear Street Boyertown, PA 19512

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