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Mini, Petite & Primary:

Combo Class-Leotard & Tights (of any color), skirt (optional), Hair secured off the face

Modern Class-Leotard or Biketard (of any color), skirt or shorts (optional), Hair secured off the face

Hip Hop- T-shirt & Leggings or shorts, Hair Secured off the face

Junior, Select, Teen, Intermediate & Advanced:

Any color leotard and tights must be worn for all ballet, jazz, contemporary, modern, lyrical and combo classes.  Hip Hop, Acro, and Tap dancers may wear leggings, shorts, tees or tank tops. Hair should be secured off the face. Hair must be worn in a bun for Junior-Advanced Ballet levels.


Leotard, Leggings or Shorts, barefeet, Hair Secured off the face


T-shirts and active wear shorts or pants.  No jeans are permitted in class. Boys are required to have the same shoes as girls in black. 


Mini and Petite Combo- girls pink ballet slippers, boys white or black ballet slippers, AND tan tap shoes.

Mini Ballet- pink ballet shoes.

Petite (ballet/lyrical)- pink ballet slippers 

Primary Combo (tap/ballet/jazz)- pink ballet slippers, tan tap shoes

Primary (ballet/lyrical)- pink ballet slippers

Primary (tap/jazz)- tan tap shoes, tan jazz shoes 

Petite/Primary Hip Hop- black dance sneakers.

Petite/Primary Modern - Barefoot preferred, foot undies permitted

Junior Hip Hop- black dance sneakers.

Juniors Ballet- pink ballet slippers. 

Juniors Dance Combo (in conjunction with music class)- black jazz shoes.

Juniors Combo (tap/jazz)-tan Oxford style tap shoes and tan slip-on jazz shoes. 

Juniors Combo (ballet, lyrical)- pink ballet slippers and nude foot undeez.  

Junior Modern- Barefoot preferred, foot undies permitted.

Teen/Int/Adv Ballet- pink canvas or leather ballet slippers.

Teen/Int/Adv Jazz- Tan Oxford Jazz shoes (slip-on style preferred).

Teen/Int/Adv Tap- Black Oxford Style Tap shoes.

Teen/Int/Adv Hip Hop- Black split-sole Hip Hop sneaker.

Teen/Int/Adv Modern- Barefoot preferred, foot undies permitted.

Musical Theatre: tan jazz shoes

Leaps & Turns: tan jazz shoes

Conditioning/Kickboxing: clean sneakers

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