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Acro at Visions is divided into 5 levels based on age and skill level at the time of entry. Students are welcome to take multiple classes at their level or below. Please contact us for placement inquiries.

Acro at Visions






Beginners Age 3-5

No skills required for entry

Beginners Age 6-10

OR able to execute the following skills:

  • crab walk

  • forward roll

  • log roll

  • bear crawl

  • swan / cobra

  • bridge

  • pre-cartwheel

  • handstand on wall

Beginners Age 10+

OR able to execute all EMERALD skills plus the following skills:

  • straddle roll

  • cartwheel

  • handstand with spot

  • tripod

  • bridge with leg raise

  • bridge walks

  • backwards rolls


Able to execute all EMERALD & SAPPHIRE skills plus the following skills:

  • bridge inside out

  • back bend and recover

  • handstand forward roll

  • handstand bridge (front limber)

  • backbend kickover

  • one handed cartwheel

  • handstand without spot

  • headstand

  • elbow and/or chin stand

  • roundoff

  • pop-cartwheel

  • dive cartwheel


Able to execute all EMERALD,  SAPPHIRE, & ONYX skills plus the following skills:

  • handstand walks (at least 4 steps)

  • front and back walkover

  • front and back handsprings

  • tick tock walkovers

  • arabian limbers

  • spotted side aerials

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