Please note an ALL INCLUSIVE ticket that

admits to all for shows for $20.00 is

ONLY available to purchase in the

Visions Office.


Hi Visions Families! 


We are thrilled to begin our recital performances! We are so proud of these students and we are thrilled with their commitment, talent and passion in their routines. We hope you love it! 


Please review a few important details below!


1) Photo Shoot Week!  We will have all of our students come to their classes fully dressed in their recital costumes the week of May 16th - May 21st for individual and class photos.  We will take photos in Studio 1 and rehearse their dance at least once in studio 2.  We will send out a link to purchase photos online when they are ready!


2) Dress Rehearsal: Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time block in full recital costumes and hair. Students will sit in the auditorium and we will call classes to the stage.  Please feel free to leave as soon as your last class is done! 


3) Recital Tights: If your child's costume requires tights, your teachers will be passing them out in class over the next few weeks.  Please check the size on the back, we have added the charge in your parent portal.  


4) Which Show is my child in?- See Above


5) Recital Tickets: Purchase recital tickets online or in studio. Tickets are $10.00 for each individual show.  If you want an ALL inclusive ticket, they can only be purchased in the Visions Office and are good for every show ($20.00 each).  Visions Dance students do not need a ticket for any show!


6) Backstage Parents!:  As always, we are in need of Backstage Parents for Mini, Ruby, Emerald, Petite, and Primary Classes!  Our teachers all run multiple classes from the wings, so we need at least one person backstage with each of our younger classes to keep them safe and make sure they get on stage! Backstage parents can leave to watch their dancers once they are lined up, or watch the performance from the wings.  We greatly appreciate the help! 


7) Recital T-Shirts are on sale


8) 5 Year Student Awards:  Students that have been with us 5 consecutive years are due to receive their trophies!  Please see the list below, if you think we missed someone - please let us know!

Aliyah LaRosse

Madeleine Bonis

Amelia Youse

Shelby Sinkowski

Adriana Gaul

Emma Mullen

Valentino Piccione

Liesel Malfaro

Gabriella Sobjak

Isabella Sobjak

Kylie Oesterling

Amelia Shelgren

Chloe Hackney

Lilyanna Ostrander

Leah Skokowski

Ella Salem

Quinn Rusinski

Sophia Wieand

Olivia Rusinski

Amelia Piccione

Delaney Youngblood

Rayna Harris

Audrina Sites

Julia Smith

Benjamin Skokowski

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns! We are ready!


Many, Many MANY thanks!!!

Ms. Laura, Ms. Sharon, Ms. Dani, Ms. Melissa, Ms. Taylor, Ms. Adrienne, & Ms. Ashley 

(484) 896-9770